April - 2014

The NGX Alberta Market Price is a volume weighted average of transacted prices for all physically delivered natural gas in a calendar month at the Alberta AB-NIT market centre. A final index price is calculated in Canadian Dollars/Gigajoule when all physical deliveries have been completed for the specified month (delivery month). The final index price will be made available two business days following the final scheduled delivery for the delivery month.

Product Type % of Index Quantity (GJ) $/GJ
NGX Phys, FP , AB-NIT 45.08 143,171,281.00 4.3592
NGX Phys, BS, LD1 (US/MM), AB-NIT 9.54 30,311,653.00 4.5129
NGX Phys, ID, 2a , AB-NIT 2.57 8,168,800.00 4.4991
NGX Phys, ID, 5a , AB-NIT 8.87 28,155,321.00 4.4924
NGX Phys, ID, 7a , AB-NIT 33.94 107,786,816.00 4.4705
Alberta Market Price 100.00 317,593,879.00 4.4270

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